5 Tips For Making Your Professional Website More Attractive

Every business and organization needs a website in order to take advantage of the massive of potential customers in the online world. It is important for company websites to attract and retain online users, but how exactly can businesses make their websites attractive and professional?

1. Professional looking websites must be responsive


Internet users no longer browse websites solely from computers, these days majority of website traffic comes from portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Businesses must ensure therefore that their websites are responsive and adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions in order to ensure that users can comfortably view the site no matter what device they use to access it.

2. Professional looking websites must be easy to navigate


It is important to ensure that the website is well connected, and users can easily move from one page to the other without having to go through numerous tedious steps. Professional looking websites must have easy navigation features, and allow users to quickly access services or products that they may need in a hassle-free manner.

3. Professional looking websites must be clutter-free


The business must ensure that the pages on their website are clutter free, this means that the images and text on each page must be “lagom”; not overwhelming and straining on the eye. It is important to have the message presented effectively and stand out without being overshadowed by too much content that could provide distractions when viewing the page.

4. Professional looking websites must be easy to read and understand


The content on the business website must be easy for casual audiences to understand. The use of overly technical jargon should be kept to a minimum, unless the website target audience is specifically people who can understand these technical terms. Content that is too difficult to understand will frustrate users and encourage them to search for similar services or products elsewhere.

5. Professional looking websites must be creative and visually appealing


This is one of the most important aspects of any websites – its attractiveness! A professional looking website must display creativity and uniqueness in design, while maintaining the business’ specific brand image. Visual appeal is one of the key things that influences casual browsers to spend more time on the site, and as such, a visually unattractive site can expect a higher bounce rate from site visitors.

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