3 Ways To Make Your Corporate Photos Stand Out

In the modern business environment, image is everything – which is why corporate photography has become such a key aspect of organizational images. From tech start-up companies, to restaurants and cafes, to large MNCs and NGOs, the right kind of corporate photos send a clear message about the organizational vision, mission and message. In light of this, what are some ways to make your corporate photographs stand out?

1. Get creative with shots and poses 


Creativity is a key way for the organization to stand out. Instead of taking only the generic team photos that are standard to every organization, maximize the creative potential of your corporate photo shoot by finding ways to make your pictures stand out. An example of how to do this is through capturing some more abstract images which can be used for marketing purposes rather than only taking routine portraits.

2. Dress accordingly


It is important for staff and team members to wear the right clothing for a corporate photo shoot. In order to do this, the type of business and brand image must be taken into consideration. For example, for a board of directors, smart business wear should be worn for the photo shoot. For a tech start-up, the brand image might call for more fun, casual outfits. For a restaurant, smart chef uniforms would be ideal in order to portray professionalism and good standards, and so on.

3. Have the purpose in mind


When your organization needs the photo shoot done, you must know the purpose for the pictures beforehand in order to get a good idea of what you want. This makes it much easier for both the photographer and the organization to be able to prepare and to have an idea of what the results of the photo shoot should look like. And of course, use professional photography services in order to get the best results! Your corporate photos speak volumes about your brand and vision, do not settle for sub-standard photographs to represent your business.

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Ghaith Jailawi

Ghaith has a bachelor’s degree in cinema arts and film-making. He has worked in this domain since graduation in 2002 and established his own company for documentary film production. Since then he has worked on numerous films which won prizes in UAE, Qatar, Belgium, UK, and Netherlands.