Video Is The New Text – 3 Reasons Why Videos Are More Effective For Digital Marketing

Advertising through the use of short motion pictures has been used by marketers since the 1940s, and now with digital marketing and the use of sponsored content, the potential reach of video advertisements is greater than it has ever been before. But why are video advertisements so highly rated and why do they seem to get more responses than text based content?

1. Videos are easy to process

Science shows that videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Reading through large portions of text takes more mental effort, since the brain needs to actively create thoughts about the content during the reading process. For videos, the viewer can quickly and passively watch the clip while using a lot less energy and effort, soaking up the information with less cognitive strain.




Tip:  Create videos that are easy to understand and convey the message clearly for advertisements – the more customers struggle to understand your message, the lower the success of your advertisement.

2. Video appeals to multiple senses

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine what a video could say. Visual content with video and sounds appeals much more to human emotions, and videos can be a key advertising tool to connect with audiences’ emotions and feelings in order to make a deeper and more personal impact. Connected audiences translate to engaged audience, and this leads to action through interaction.



Tip:  Ensure that videos are relevant and appeal to customer emotions - videos that appeal to target customers’ beliefs and causes that they care about can lead to more reactions and interaction.

3. Videos are more believable

Human beings have the tendency to believe things that are visual over those that are written – video content provides more authenticity and credibility as compared to text content. The ability to demonstrate in form of video is far more impactful to most customers than the ability to describe in form of text.




Tip: Make videos that provide product and service demonstrations in order to entice customers to take action and commit to the sale.

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