3 Predictions for Tech-Savvy Businesses in 2018

2017 comes to a close soon, and what an eventful year it has been in the tech industry. We have seen all sorts of events occur this year, from massive ransomware cyberattacks, to the staggering rise in value of cryptocurrencies, to the launch of the latest in the line of Apple’s mobile phones, the iPhone X. Here are three industry predictions that could take businesses by storm in 2018.


3-trends-2018-fordel-marketing1. Further growth in video and social marketing strategies

As consumers continue to be increasingly tech savvy and establish their online presence on social platforms, businesses in turn will continue to find ways to adapt to this phenomenon and reach out to their intended audience on social media platforms. Look out for greater levels of personal interaction, maybe even personalized video messages from companies to their clients, following what Facebook has been doing to celebrate friendship milestones between two users of their services.


3-trends-2018-fordel-ads2. More data – more Ads!

The increasing generation, collection and storage of data allows organizations to build profiles of their customers and be able to provide targeted ads and deals for each individual’s preferences. This is expected to increase in 2018 with data being generated from all sorts of devices through IoT, and more information being shared across platforms and channels. Expect greater accuracy in targeted ads, and more personalized catalogues being provided for each individual customer’s needs.


3-trends-2018-fordel-coin3. Acceptance of cryptocurrency

2017 has seen immense growth in the value of cyrptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. Currently, cyrptocurrencies are accepted as a form of exchange for making payments between individuals and value transfers, and while some businesses accept payments in cryptocurrency, it is not accepted everywhere. Expect this to change in 2018, if the trend continues as it is currently without the bubble bursting. More businesses could hop on to the trend and begin to accept payments from customers and suppliers in Bitcoin, or other similar crypotcurrencies.

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